Faye Driscoll: You’re Me

January 18, 2013 – January 20, 2013
Abrons Arts Center Playhouse
Part of American Realness 2013


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Faye Driscoll’s You’re Me considers how we are constantly made-up and un-done by each other. In this evening-length duet, Driscoll probes and obfuscates the inescapable nature of relationship as the contemporary, archetypal, fantastical, and personal crash into each other, bending and warping in one shrug, quarrel, or reframing of a scene. Imbued with the adrenaline of potentially dire consequences, You’re Me is a moving portrait of the impossible struggle to unhinge the palindromic loop of self and other.

With the constraint of just two performers on stage the whole time, Driscoll and performer Aaron Mattocks fight a sweaty, evocative, disturbing, and deeply funny battle with the dualism they face; male/female, director/performer, and performer/audience. They ask: What do you see when you see us on stage? How does our very desire to be more than we are transform us? How do our fantasies of ourselves and of each other create new possibilities for being, and yet give birth to friction, failure, and loss? You’re Me is a kind of tango with chaos and recurrence in which the performers attempt to simultaneously control and destroy the frame through which they are seen — all the while asking, “Am I getting it right?”

Performance dates:
Friday, January 18 | 7 pm
Saturday, January 19 | 9 pm
Sunday, January 20 | 4 pm

Run time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Photo by Steven Schreiber