Gallery: You’re Me // Directed and choreographed by Faye Driscoll

Photo by Ian Douglas, courtesy of New York Live Arts

Gallery: Specific Ocean // Concept and performance by Steven Reker/People Get Ready

Gallery: Find My Way Home // Choreography and direction by John Kelly

Gallery: The Goats // Directed/choreographed by Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar, for OtherShore

Gallery: Aaron Mattocks // Choreography by Ursula Eagly

Gallery: A-C-E ONE // Choreography by Yoshiko Chuma

Gallery: CHAMP // Choreography by John Heginbotham, directed by Patrick Young

Saint James the More (Credit: Steven Schreiber)Gallery: The Golden Legend // Choreography by Christopher Williams

Gallery: Macho // Choreography by Kathy Westwater

Gallery: (oh my god I am so) THIRST(y) // A Little Lord Production