Steven Reker’s Specific Ocean

Photo by Ian Douglas, courtesy of InfiniteBody

“Mattocks’s solo with guitar slung over his shoulder (upside-down with its head just above the floor) is Specific Ocean’s dance centerpiece and carries weight and purpose. The instrument is an extension of his body. Mattocks doesn’t play, but turns around it, advancing by throwing a leg out in stretched arabesque, over, and beyond. He spirals in an energetic, circular space-eating walk, landing on his feet, so to speak. After this affecting solo he runs into the house in a gesture of largesse. It’s an invitation to sit back, feel the energy, and enjoy the visual and aural feast. Applause erupts.”

Lori Ortiz, Special Apple

“Not to be outdone, Aaron Mattocks brought the piece to a climax with his solo for prepared guitar. Slung over his shoulder to start, he began moving in adagio, slowly experimenting with resonating tones as he took arabesques and lunges. As he picked up the pace, the guitar reflected his growing carelessness and abandon. The guitar never got him down, though he lead the guitar into some impressive floor work. By the end of the battle, his freedom within literally rang out…”

Candice Thompson, DIY Dancer