curated by Catharine Dill as a part of BAX’s

featuring work by Amanda Villalobos and Radiohole

Friday & Saturday,  March 2-3, 2012 at 8pm  

For directions:

Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income [Buy Tickets]

AMANDA VILLALOBOS, Sister Adorers in the Cardboard Convent

featuring Linsday Hockaday, Laura von Holt, Sibyl Kempson, Matt Leabo,                Aaron Mattocks, Kate Scelsa and Amanda Villalobos

– It’s a night for entertainments here at the Cardboard Convent, and
Sister Redempta will happily lead you to your seat.  The puppets will be
starting soon.  You’ve done well this week, observing your vows of
obedience, self-denial, and praying for the grace not to feel what you
are feeling.  But just in case (you have perhaps lingered too long in a
hallway with a fellow sister, begun to form a “particular friendship”),
Sister Redempta will ask you to perform an examen of consciousness
before entering the theater for tonight’s show.  It’ll only take a
minute.   Step inside the confessional here, tell of your sinful and
selfish heart, and find yourself blessed with the ultimate freedom of
the choiceless.


– “Your father was Frankenstein but your mother was Radiohole!”
It’s coming! From the deep dark recesses of the mind of Radiohole, creator
of blasphemy! The monster created by a group they called mad is turned
loose to strike terror in the hearts of the public! To shock women into
uncontrollable hysterics! To prey upon the innocence of children! This
is the story you’ve heard about, talked about – completely strange, full
of whims and bodily fluids – the spine tingling, blood chilling show
that stuns your emotions! FRANKENSTEIN! Brought to you in full
inflatable hydrocarbon splendor, this production will horrify
presenters, send funders screaming and raise Uncle Art Crust from the
grave! See their most terrifying performance and you’ll know why there
can never be another Radiohole!