Cathy Edwards, Coast to Coast Curator

My profile of Cathy Edwards on Culturebot:

Cathy Edwards programmed the first professional engagement I ever performed in New York City – it was the inaugural season of the newly renovated Dance Theater Workshop on 19th Street in Chelsea – fall 2002 (Kathy Westwater’s Dark Matter).  I then had the great pleasure of working with her 7 years later as a producer when I was general manager at the Mark Morris Dance Group – we were colleagues bringing one of the most beautiful of Mark’s dances, Dido and Aeneas, to the stage for New Haven’s International Festival of Arts and Ideas – admittedly a gargantuan task.  When I was asked to profile a curator I most admire, she immediately came to mind – brilliant, savvy, cutting edge, and one of the most wholehearted people I’ve met.  What follows is a selection of questions and answers that Cathy and I exchanged prior to her departure for the whirlwind of APAP.

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