Press for Nut/Cracked

“Tree” begins with Aaron Mattocks prone, a miniature Christmas tree resting on his diaphragm. The change in scale from what one sees uptown sets off a wave of giggles in the audience. But the house grows quiet as the dancer unfolds himself, ever upward. The solo ends with his body stretched to its fullest height as high on his toes as possible, that little tree lifted to the heavens. It’s man’s voyage from the primordial ooze to thinking, feeling biped, in a matter of minutes.  Dance View Times – Carol Pardo // December 25, 2010 (full article)

“…the Sugar Plum adagio is a you-suck-my-thumb-I’ll-suck-yours male-male duet that ought to be irksome but whose grand dance ardor makes it oddly marvelous. You never know what’ll happen next, but when it’s over you find that what started as a series of flimsy sketches has turned into a passionate declaration of naïveté in the best sense: innocence regained.” New York Times – Alastair Macaulay // December 24, 2010 (full article)